Government Applications

Government Applications

From the seat of government to local government to defence of the realm.

The unique and robust nature of Tecton video systems is something appreciated by all of our customers. It's of particular patriotic pride to Tecton that our systems are appreciated and used to help those who are employed in the running and defence of Great Britain.

It can't have escaped anyone's notice that public realm spending has been paired back since the global banking crisis of 2008, so it may surprise some that Tecton has thrived in this environment. The reason is simple; Tecton equipment represents excellent value for money. Our obsession with lower power design, and rugged engineering means that Tecton products carry on working, long after others have been abandoned by their makers. Our commitment extends to supporting these products as long as you care to use them. We never turn a customer away because a product isn't new, and we never refuse support because an expensive maintenance contract hasn't been purchased.

We can provide a simple CCTV recording system, through to a full Video management system with video wall and third-party alarm, access control, help point and asset tagging integration.

Tecton products are used extensively in both local and central government, and by the UK MOD. Our commitment to supporting our products means that Tecton can safely be specified for long-term projects, and the reliability means that access restrictions do not pose a problem to continued security operation.

We are happy to provide references and conduct escorted tours of certain selected premises to demonstrate the use of our technology in this field.

Case Studies

  • Case study: The British Library

    The British Library houses over 150 Million items, from daily newspapers to literally priceless historical relics. Clearly, security is important to this national institution. Find out how Tecton helped the transition to HD video surveillance and recording.

    Case study: The British Library
  • Case study: DLR

    Tecton has a long established record of supplying the UK rail networks, so it's perhaps no surprise that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is one of the many rail projects that is protected by Tecton designed and manufactured equipment.

    Case study: DLR

Our customers

We're proud to provide our products to some of the most recognisable names in the UK.


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