Case study: The British Library

The British Library

Back in 2011, the CCTV system at the library was in a bad way. Many of the cameras were old and past their useful life, and the recording and control systems were failing.

In order to keep the system running, and allow for a system upgrade, the library chose to invest in a hybrid system, based around the Tecton Liberator.

The British Library clearly had ambitious long-term plans for their security system, so the ability to upgrade cameras over a number of years was important. Tecton guarantees to support its products for ten years or more. Add to this the ability to build very large systems and update the platform to handle new technologies, and you have a very compelling reason to choose the Liberator family of products.

Very low power consumption means direct running costs are reduced, secondary running costs, such as heat extraction (air-conditioning) are reduced or removed completely, and lower temperature operation aids product reliability and longevity. Liberator treats each hard disk like a blank video tape, which can be removed and played as a standalone entity. When a major incident occurs, the user can instantly retrieve all footage, particularly useful when the police need to act fast. All disks are hot swappable, no tools are required, and the system remains fully functional throughout.

In the case of The British Library, the need to record many of the cameras for up to a year proved another compelling reason to choose Liberator. Long periods of video retention are possible without resulting to power hungry and expensive RAID arrays. In fact, many customers turn to Tecton after having had bad experiences with competitors’ systems, especially those employing RAID-5. (RAID isn’t backup, and we’ve see many customers fall foul of this.)

Since installation, the system has grown enormously, and many of the original analogue cameras have been replaced by HD IP cameras and the Library is on a trajectory to replace all of the old existing analogue cameras by 2018. The Liberator has simplified this process, as the new HD camera simply takes the channel that was allocated to the old analogue camera.

The upgrades didn't stop there, however, and in line with our approach of continuous development, the display and control options have also been upgraded, with Tecton Vimmo display drivers and Tecton VMS (Video Management System).

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