End-to-end video surveillance solutions

Systems to solve today’s security challenges

Tecton may not be a household name, but this British company has been designing, developing and manufacturing some of the best and most trustworthy CCTV products in the UK over the past 30 years.

It's difficult to go about your daily business in the UK without being seen and/or recorded by a piece of CCTV equipment, built by Tecton in rural Hampshire. Our products are in operation on roads, on the rail and underground networks, in city centres, in banks , in hospitals and many other places people live and work.

The reason is quite simple. We build high quality equipment that does what our customers need, in the most uncomplicated way, and carries on working when other equipment has given up.

The last few years have been difficult for anyone attempting to design a new CCTV system. There can be no doubt that we are in a transitional phase between systems using analogue connected cameras, and systems using IP connected cameras. To add to the confusion, the resolution of IP connected sources, unbound by the previous PAL standard, has been increasing fast, and cameras are becoming more "intelligent".

Our experience of changing technologies has allowed us to develop a platform that makes these design choices much easier.

Unlike so many products on the market today, Tecton actually design and manufacture the platform that forms the backbone of our systems, This has allowed us to update and customise our products in a way few other manufacturers can match. For our customers, this means peace of mind in their investment in security technology.

The sections below will lead you to a explanation of the most common system formats today, and how Tecton can help with each type.



For customers with lots of existing cameras, but a desire to upgrade to higher resolution video formats, a hybrid system is essential. Tecton can provided a platform which lets the user upgrade in seamless fashion. The only thing your CCTV operators will notice is that their pictures have suddenly become a lot better!

End-to-end video surveillance solutions


Full IP systems use cameras which are, in effect, mini computers, which "talk" to the rest of the system via a network. This approach can be difficult to understand for those who have only ever worked with traditional analogue systems, but Tecton have made the transition as easy as possible.



Analogue systems have been in use for decades, but don't be fooled into thinking that they are necessarily "old-fashioned". Most of the cameras in use today are still analogue, and our customers want to get value from their investment. Tecton can make the most of this technology.

Video Management

Video Management

Modern security systems contain many elements, from CCTV to alarms to access control etc., and this can lead to a confusing array of monitors, keyboards and other ancillaries on an operators desk, leading to potential confusion in dealing with incidents, and an almost inevitable lack of efficiency.

The new Tecton VMS tackles this by providing an integrated environment for security personnel to monitor, and take control of any situation as it arises in the most efficient manner.

Analogue Accessories & Older products

Older Products

Tecton have been manufacturing video products for approximately 30 years. Many of the products designed by us during that period are still in use today, from video multiplexers, like the Drax, through to ground loop transformers (Humbugs).

Tecton CCTV Solutions

Tecton CCTV solutions are modular, extremely scalable and consist of four core modules for the: capture, recording, control and display of high-quality images from analogue and IP connected cameras.

<h3>Tecton CCTV Solutions</h3> <h3>Tecton CCTV Solutions</h3> <h3>Tecton CCTV Solutions</h3>


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